Lesson 314 – My past does not = my future

I seek a future different from the past.

From new perception of the world there comes a future very different from the past. The future now is recognised as but extension of the present. Past mistakes can cast no shadows on it, so that fear has lost its idols and its images, and being formless, it has no effects. Death will not claim the future now, for life is now its goal, and all the needed means are happily provided. Who can grieve or suffer when the present has been freed, extending its security and peace into a quiet future filled with joy?

Father, we were mistaken in the past, and choose to use the present to be free. Now do we leave the future in Your Hands, leaving behind our past mistakes, and sure that You will keep Your present promises, and guide the future in their holy light.

My aunt, who was 100 last Christmas, was buried today. Her body is gone, but her spirit remains, infused once again into the melting pot that becomes our future. I did not grieve today, I was happy that she’s been freed from the decays of the body. Instead, I lived today to the full. Pushed myself beyond my usual limits at the gym, pampered my body in the spa areas, swam, and allowed the Jacuzzi jets to massage the soles of my feet, a bit like water reflexology.

Met my friend for a long awaited catch-up meal, and instead of taking me to the restaurant in Sutton as I was expecting, he drove to one of my favourite places, The Robin Hood in Droitwich. It was a lovely afternoon/evening and with food that gorgeous, it was just as well I went to the gym in the morning.

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