Lesson 301 – Mopping up tears

What is the Second Coming? (Reading)

Christ’s Second Coming, which is sure as God, is merely the correction of mistakes. It is a part of the condition that restores the never lost, and re-establishes what is forever and forever true. It is the invitation to God’s Word to take illusions place; the willingness to let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and without reserve. The Second Coming is the one event in time which time itself can not affect.

Lesson 301

And God Himself shall wipe away tears. (Lesson)

Father, unless I judge I cannot weep. Nor can I suffer pain, or feel I am abandoned or unneeded in the world. This is my home because I judge it not, and therefore is it only what You will. Let me today behold it uncondemned, through happy eyes forgiveness has released from all distortion. Let me see Your world instead of mine. And all the tears I shed will be forgotten, for their source is gone. Father, I will not judge Your world today.

God’s world is happy. Those who look on it can only add their joy to it, and bless it as a cause of further joy in them. We wept because we did not understand. But we have learned the world we saw was false, and we will look upon God’s world today.

Most of the day I spent mulling over how to structure the new book. I talked to a friend who gave me a few suggestions and a lot of encouragement. I feel VERY, VERY, EXCITED. More than I’ve done in a long time. I spent a lot of time clearing my space ready to begin my new assignment tomorrow.

Went to The Club, The Spa in The Cube last night on a Groupon voucher….what a lovely place. I felt completely relaxed and ravenous after.


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