Lesson 298 – I love you, and I love you more

I love You, Father, and I love your Son.

My gratitude permits my love to be accepted without fear. And thus am I restored to my reality at last. All that intruded on my holy sight forgiveness takes away. And I draw near the end of senseless journeys, mad careers and artificial values. I accept instead what God establishes as mine, sure that in that alone I will be saved; sure that I go through fear to meet my Love.

Father, I come to you today, because I would not follow any way but Yours. You are beside me. Certain is Your way. And I am grateful for Your holy gifts of certain sanctuary, and escape from everything that would obscure my love for God my Father and His holy Son.

I finally made it to see Holy and Horny at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton tonight. Tonya Joy Bolton triumphed in her one woman show. An hour and a half flew by. Me, and the rest of the audience were spell bound as she wove a story with at least twenty characters, all skilfully sketched, and all with a back story that could make you weep. I wanted to see what was possible with a one woman show – OH BOY! She has set the bar high, very high.

How does this link with the lesson. Well, I’m very grateful that I was able to get an insight into what I have to aim at. One day, when they do the documentary of my life, this day will feature strongly. This was the day I pledged to up my game and write something of worth that will help others

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