Lesson 286 – Who or what holds my heart?

The hush of Heaven holds my heart today.

Father, how still today! How quietly do all things fall in place! This is the day that has been chosen as the time in which I come to understand the lesson that there is no need that I do anything. In You is every choice already made. In You has every conflict been resolved. In You is everything I hope to find already given me. Your peace is mine. My heart is quiet, and my mind at rest. Your love is Heaven, and Your Love is mine.

The stillness of today will give us hope that we have found the way, and travelled far along it to a wholly certain goal. Today we will not doubt the end which God Himself has promised us. We trust in Him, and in our Self, Who still is one with Him.

Yes, this lesson too is tracking my life. The day of my book(s) and CD launch. The day when I missed my turning by being too focused on learning my lines, and ended up in a twenty minute traffic jam on the way to pick up my friend from the station. A day when I had opportunity to reflect on the delay and remember the lesson. How quietly do all things fall into place. The jam was one way of slowing me down, helping me to remember that all things will fall into place when I quietly remember God. From that point (about 3.30 p.m.), I totally handed over the rest of the day to God, and watched him work a miracle of a night.

When I got past my initial panic of ‘Oh my God, no-one’s going to come,’ people started to flow in, till the seats were all taken and a few people were forced to stand or sit on the edge of tables. The evening flowed like a dream, and even when it was officially finished people stayed and continued to chat, to exchange ideas and numbers, to eat birthday cake, chocolates and to drink rum punch. It was nearly 12.30 a.m. before we left, high as kites from the excitement and the energy.

It was only then that I allowed myself to relax with a few glasses of rum punch and my take home birthday cake (it was one of the bookshop’s volunteer’s birthday and we celebrated it with her). I turned my light off at 5 a.m. to the gentle stirrings of the birds.

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