Lesson 266 – Paradise

My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.

Father, You gave me all Your Sons, to be my saviour and my counsellor in sight; the bearer of Your holy Voice to me. In them are You reflected, and in them does Christ look back upon me from my Self. Let not Your Son forget Your holy Name. Let not Your Son forget his holy Source. Let not Your Son forget his Name is Yours.

This day we enter into Paradise, calling upon God’s Name and on our own, acknowledging our Self in each of us; united in the holy Love of God. How many saviours God has given us! How can we lose the way to Him, when He has filled the world with those who point to Him, and given us the sight to look on them?

I took time this morning to digest the lesson, and to really focus on living it today, especially with the promise of entering Paradise. Paradise was reflecting on Lauren’s (Miss P’s) book launch last night, on the happiness on her face as she performed her songs and poetry to friends and family (and some strangers), on the support she got from her family, on the performances of the other poets and singers, and on my own.

It was a happy night. No one bickered or squabbled. People were patient and forgiving, and very generous. I left on a high, hoping that the filming today would maintain the same energy. I was not disappointed. Despite the freezing cold building, which leaked so much the noise of dripping water into buckets affected the sound quality of our recordings, we were able to laugh and keep our spirits high.

Filming is a fantastic example of how life can be lived. We did take, after take, after take, till we got it right. We didn’t stop after one attempt and say ‘that was rubbish, I give up.’ We stayed with it till we got it right. Reminds me of the number of times the same lesson of forgiveness is repeated in this course. Films are also a great medium for showing us the illusionary nature of life.  We make up stories and act them out as though they are true. Exactly as the course says we do – only we call it life.

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