Lesson 256 – One goal

God is the only goal I have today.

The way to God is through forgiveness here. There is no other way. If sin had not been cherished by the mind, what need would there have been to find the way to where you are? Who would still be uncertain? Who could be unsure of who he is? And who would yet remain asleep, in heavy clouds of doubt about the holiness of him whom God created sinless? Here we can but dream. But we can dream we have forgiven him in whom all sin remains impossible, and it is this we choose to dream today. God is our goal; forgiveness is the means by which our minds return to Him at last.

And so, our Father, would we come to You in Your appointed way. We have no goal except to hear Your Voice, and find the way Your sacred Word has pointed out to us.

I saw forgiveness, and didn’t really take in that the heading of the lesson is that God is my only goal, until about four o’clock. My day wasn’t going according to plan. I was late for a meeting, and had then stayed too long at the meeting. I stopped to buy a piece of chicken and a dumpling (what should have been a five minute job), and ended up waiting for nearly twenty minutes. I ate while driving, not the most effective way to good digestion.

It was when I got home, feeling a little frazzled, that I looked again at the lesson. It was amazing how just being reminded that God was my only goal today, put everything else I was rushing to complete into perspective. Everything was being done in divine order, in divine timing, for my greatest learning and growth. This reminder brought instant peace.

I took some pictures today for publicising Caribbean Juices on the 13th of October at the Harriet Tubman Bookshop and Development Centre, at 27 Grove Lane in Handsworth.

Due to the absence of our group leader tonight, (it’s her birthday), we watched the film Phenomenon with John Travolta. I saw in his character’s experiences something akin to what ACIM says may happen to us if we are exposed to truth instantly, instead of via the step-by-step approach of the course. There was an indication of what it would be like to be limitless, and how those around us would respond, because they are not yet aware that they too are limitless. I guess the ending is inevitable, given our current state of consciousness.

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