Lesson 250 – Unlimited me

Let me not see myself as limited.

Let me behold the Son of God today, and witness to his glory. Let me not try to obscure the holy light I him, and see his strength diminished and reduced to frailty; nor perceive the lacks in him with which I would attack his sovereignty.

He is Your Son, my Father. And today I would behold his gentleness instead of my illusions. He is what I am, and as I see him so I see myself. Today I would see truly, that this day I may a last identify with him.

I had a long discussion with a friend this morning about the role of families in shaping and maintaining our connection to reality. The whole issue of special relationships came up again. Should we love our families more than we love other people? ACIM says special relationships are the source of most of our unhappiness, when our expectations are not met. And our expectations are always about form, about who should do what, when and where. It is rarely about how much love we are showing each other – love of the inner self. Not the kind that says ‘if you really loved me you would buy me a Valentine card, or take me out to dinner, or remember my birthday.’

When we truly love, we are less concerned with the form and strive to connect more with the spirit of who we.

Went to Manchester to see my son, and we talked about the love we have for each other that is more about content than form – although he’d love it if I brought some chicken curry next time.

Met friends at the Jam Street Café and heard Anorexic Robots by Fat Truckers for the first time. Loved it.

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