Lesson 201

These practice sessions, like our last review, are centred round a central theme whit which we start and end each lesson. It is this:

I’m not a body. I’m free. For I am as God created me.

The day begins and ends with this. And we repeat it every time the hour strikes, or we remember, in between, we have a function that transcends the world we see.

I’m not a body. I’m free. For I am as God created me.

(181) ‘I trust my brothers, who are one with me.’

No one but is my brother. I am blessed with oneness with the universe and God, my Father, one Creator of the whole that is my Self, forever One with me.

I’m not a body. I’m free. For I am as God created me.

I may not be just a body but I was in the gym this morning; running, cross training, planking, bench pressing and generally sweating my way to what I hope will be a more toned, healthy one.

After a session with a client in the city centre, where we discussed the fact that we create our own realities by projecting our thought out into the world, I braved it and went into Primark to get a couple of pairs of leggings. I don’t know why I do it, because the queues are nearly always too long to justify the cost of what I’m buying, and today was no different. But it was the news that my son’s house had been burgled that had me speeding out of Primark to call the police on his behalf.

The circumstances of the burglary were such that the police felt it necessary to send out a forensic officer and a counsellor for one of the victims. I mention this because it was an opportunity to condemn, to blame, to be angry and descend into fear.

I offered what support I could, and was extremely pleased to see that he was more focused on the fact that no lives were lost, that goods can be replaced and that it was an opportunity to forgive. I was humbled. My children are such teachers.

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