Lesson 194 – Haqnding over the future

‘I place the future in the Hands of God.’

Today’s idea takes another step toward quick salvation, and a giant stride it is indeed! So great the distance is that it encompasses, it sets you down just short of Heaven, with the goal in sight and obstacles behind. Your foot has reached the lawns that welcome you to Heaven’s gate; the quiet pace of peace, where you await with certainty the final step of God. How far are we progressing now from earth! How close are we approaching to our goal! How short to journey still to be pursued.

Accept today’s idea, and you have passed all anxiety, all pits of hell, all blackness of depression, thoughts of sin, and devastation brought about by guilt.

God holds your future as He holds your past and present. They are all one to him, and so they should be one to you. Yet in this world, the temporal progression still seems real. And so you are not asked to understand the lack of sequence really found in time. You are but asked to let the future go, and place it in God’s Hands.

In what was a busy and exhausting day, which involved a lot of travelling, I struggled to stay with the thought that past present and future are one. Indeed,  the concept became even more confused as I discussed it with a friend, as part of our three hour conversation.

I was prepared to go with the affirmation though, purely as an affirmation, and found some peace, especially towards the end of the day. I’m happy to hand over my future at this point, because I could certainly use some help with what direction to take.

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