Lesson 192 – What’s my purpose?

‘I have a function God would have me fill.’

It is your Father’s holy Will that you complete Himself, and that your Self shall be His sacred Son, forever pure as He, or love created and in love preserved, extending love, creating on its name, forever one with God and with your Self. Yet what can such a function mean within a world of envy, hatred and attack?

Therefore, you have a function in the world in its own terms. For who can understand a language far beyond his simple grasp? Forgiveness represents your function here. Forgiveness is the means by which the fear of death is overcome, because it holds no fierce attraction now and guilt is gone. Forgiveness lets the body be perceived as what it is; a simple teaching aid, to be laid by when learning is complete, but hardly changing him who learns at all.

I got the second version of the book cover today, and I like it more than the first. With some tweaking I could grow to love it. I thought my function was to write, but apparently it’s to forgive. So the writing is just a side-line then? But I have been forgiving myself, or rather remembering to love myself, and the pain has subsided. Following a massage and a reflexology treatment yesterday the swelling is rapidly subsiding too.

At Ceroc I didn’t sit down once. I’m getting more confident, and even the guy who usually tries to avoid dancing with me said how much I’d improved. I celebrated with a rum and coke. My first in 8 months!

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