Lesson 186 – Predencia saves the world

‘Salvation of the world depends on me.’

Here is the statement that will one day take all arrogance away from every mind. Here is the thought of true humility, which holds no function as your own but that which has been given you. It offers your acceptance of a part assigned to you, without insisting on another role. It does not judge your proper role. It but acknowledges the Will of God is done on earth as well as in Heaven. It unites all wills on earth in Heaven’s plan to save the world, restoring it to Heaven’s peace.

Let us not fight our function. We did not establish it. It is not our idea. The means are given us by which it will be perfectly accomplished. All that we are asked to do is accept our part in genuine humility, and not deny with self-deceiving arrogance that we are worthy. What is given us to do, we have the strength to do. Our minds are suited perfectly to take the part assigned to us by the One Who knows us well.

A cancelled coaching session today gave me extra time to meditate on the fact that the salvation of the world depends on me. It’s not such a scary thought second (or is it third) time round.

The bit that stayed with me throughout the day is ‘what is given us to do, we have the strength to do.’ In among some moments of elation with the things that are going really well in my life, were others of despondency at the ones that threaten to overwhelm. In those moments I questioned out loud my role as the world’s saviour, but quickly reminded me that I have the strength to do it.

I was looking forward to discussing the lesson at the study group tonight, but had forgotten that we had a film night. The idea was to watch something quite uplifting, but the film chosen was ‘The Soloist’ which left me feeling quite flat. The story of a journalist rescuing a brilliant cellist with schizophrenia from street life could have been told in half the time. I didn’t really want to project myself into the world created where 90,000 people live on the streets of Los Angles. 

Is that world even real? If I didn’t believe it would it still exist? I’m trying hard to keep myself positive, to see only the things I want to see and not project lack and pain and the madness that comes from identifying with the body. I’m focusing on love and peace and strength.

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