Lesson 184 – Would a rose…?

‘The name of God is my inheritance.’

You live by symbols. We have made up names for everything we see. Each one becomes a separate entity, identified by its own name. By this you carve it out of unity. By this you designate its special attributes, and set it off from other things by emphasizing space surrounding it. This space you lay between all things to which you have given a different name; all happenings in terms of place and time; all bodies which are greeted by a name.

It would indeed be strange if you were asked to go beyond all symbols of the world, forgetting them forever; yet were asked to take a teaching function. You have need to use the symbols of the world a while. But be you not deceived by them as well. They do not stand for anything at all, and in your practicing it is this thought that will release you from them. They become means by which you can communicate in ways the world can understand, but which you recognise is not the unity where true communication can be found.

It was another of those challenging lessons, but I got something from this that I hadn’t before. In order to communicate effectively with people who are still heavily attached to the illusionary world, or those who are not yet aware that it is an illusionary world. So, its ok to use the words of sickness while internally focusing on the work ‘fear’.

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) there is strong emphasis on seeing the world through the eyes of the other person while helping them to see a different world. I’m so glad someone did that for me, and continue to do so.

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