Lesson 175 – Giving and receiving

‘God is but Love, and therefore so an I.’

(159) I give the miracles I have received.
God is but Love, and therefore so an I.

(160) I am at home. Fear is a stranger here.
God is but Love, and therefore so an I.

Well, I’ve finished editing Betrayed. Just wished I’d brought my red pen and Tippex. It left me some time to read a bit more of David Icke’s Remember Who You Are. The book goes into incredibly detail about the issues affecting the world at the moment and some of it is very depressing. I decided to skip to the end chapter where he gives his solution to what we can do to counter-balance these destructive influences and set the world on a more positive footing.

Imaging my astonishment when what he recommends is LOVE…yes Mr Icke recommends LOVE. He talks about physical reality being inter-active, that we influence as much as we are influence, that it’s a two way process. He says, and I quote: ‘We give and receive.

I had to laugh out loud and flicked back to my lesson – I give the miracles I have received.

Bearing in mind I skipped to this chapter, I can only assume that I needed to hear this at least twice today. I spent some time reflecting on what it means to give and receive, and the fact that we can’t do one without the other. They are two sides of the same coin. It also set me thinking about the nature of reality, and once again I’m forced to admit that the world I see, the world I experience is of my own making. Energy flows where attention goes. I lay down to create something beautiful and promptly fell asleep in the muggy overcast afternoon.

I trust my subconscious created something beautiful.

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