Lesson 168 – Amazing grace

‘Your grace is given me. I claim it now.’

God speaks to us. Shall we not speak to Him. He is not distant. He makes no attempt to hide from us. We try to hide from Him, and suffer from deception. He remains entirely accessible. He loves His Son. There is no certainty but this, yet this suffices. He will love His Son forever. When his mind remains asleep, He loves him still. And when his mind awakes, He loves him with a never-changing Love.

Today we ask of god the gifts He has most carefully preserved within our hearts, waiting to be acknowledged. This the gift by which God leans to us and lifts us up, taking salvation’s final step Himself. His gift of grace is more than just an answer. It restores all memories the sleeping mind forgot; all certainty now what Love’s meaning is.

God loves his Son. It is a new and holy day today, for we receive what has been given us. Our faith lies in the Giver, not our own acceptance. To Him we pray today, returning but the word he gave us through His Own Voice, His word, His Love:

Your grace is given me. I claim it now. Father, I come to You. And You will come to me who ask. I am the Son You love.

It’s father’s day. There were many different experience of the day that I heard about from the fathers I know and contacted to wish a happy day. One was spending it on his own as he doesn’t believe in what he calls this ‘fabricated commercialised day designed to part people from their money in restaurants and gift shops’, another was going to his mother’s house for dinner as all his children lived in other cities, one was out for a meal in a restaurant with three of his five children, one was at home with his wife and three children, one was giving his five year old son a bath.

Is it a day designed to fleece people of their hard earned cash, to provide more opportunities to purchase mugs, socks and garden tools, or a time to appreciate the contributions fathers have made to our lives?

It’s also a time to remember those fathers who are no longer with us physically, and to maybe say a silent thank you to them for the way they helped to shape our lives. I didn’t appreciate the things my father did to make me strong until he was gone. I thanked him for those things today.

I hope you enjoyed your day, however you spent it.

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