Lesson 131 – I cannot fail, you cannot fail

‘No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.’

Failure is all about you while you seek for goals that cannot be achieved. You look for permanence in impermanence, for love where there is none, and for safety in the midst of danger; immortality within the darkness of the dream of death. You look for safety and security, while in your heart you pray for danger and protection for the little dreams you made.

Yet searching is inevitable here. Be glad that search you must. Be glad as well to learn you search for heaven, and must find the goal you really want. No one can fail to find this goal, and reach it in the end. No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth, and it is truth we seek to reach today.

We will devote ten minutes to this goal three times today. Begin with this:

I ask to see a different world, and think a different kind of thought from those I made. The world I seek I did not make alone, the thoughts I want to think are not my own.

For several minutes watch your mind and see, although your eyes are closed, the senseless world you think is real. Review the thoughts which are compatible with such a world, and which you think are true. Then let them go and sink below them to the holy place where they can enter not.

This is a long lesson, about 1,500 words long, with lots of repeated phrases. Essentially its about seeking the truth, and being confident that if we really want the truth we will find it. What was amazing today was when the truth appeared, from the lips of Connie B of ABELA Lifelong Learning, I was very reluctant to accept it.

I met Connie at the Narrating the Caribbean Nation Conference inLeedslast month. She’s doing some work inBirminghamas we agreed to meet up. What I thought was going to be a discussion about writing quickly descended into a spiritual one in which she suggested I needed to listen to and be guided more by my ancestors. Not just the recently departed but the long ago ones for whom time and space does not exist anyway.

I came home and checked out some Egyptian stuff and was lead to MAAT the God of Truth. I found nothing there would contradict the teachings of ACIM and therefore can happily run them in tandem. After all, at the end of the day, we are all heading to the same place.

The new novel is still at research phase. I spent a few very happy hours with my son looking through old photos, school records and memorabilia from their childhood. I just hope I can do them justice.

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