Lesson 126 – Beware your gifts

‘All that I give I give to myself.’

Today’s idea, completely alien to the ego and he thinking of the world, is crucial to the thought reversal that this course will bring about. If you believed this statement, there would be no problem in complete forgiveness, certainty of goal, and sure direct ion.

Let us consider what you do believe, in place of this idea. It seems to you that other people are apart from you, and able to behave in ways which have no bearing on your thoughts, nor yours on theirs. Therefore, your attitudes have no effect on them, and their appeals for help are not in any way related to your own.

Today we try to understand the truth that giver and receiver are the same. You will need help to make this meaningful, because it is so alien to thoughts to which you are accustomed. But the help you need is there.

Give fifteen minutes twice today to the attempt to understand today’s idea. I silence, close your eyes upon the world that does not understand forgiveness, and seek sanctuary in the quiet place where thoughts are changed and false beliefs laid by. Repeat today’s idea and ask for help in understanding what it really means. Be willing to be taught.

As often as you can, remind yourself you have a goal today; an aim which makes this day of special value to yourself and all your brothers. Do not let your mind forget this goal for long, but tell yourself:

All that I give is given to myself. The help I need to learn that this is true is with me now. And I will trust in Him.

In one day I was hit by so many things.

  1. Complementary healing treats symptoms – without the allopathic side effects – but still symptoms not cause.
  2. The only real treatment of the cause of sickness is a change in thinking (not using my Reiki does not compromise my purpose as healer as I am more focused on cause than symptoms.)
  3. Healing can be instant, because a change of thought can be instant
  4. It is very easy to slip back into grievance, especially when one’s children what are involved.
  5. Wishing karmic retribution on someone is not forgiveness.
  6. What irritates me in someone else is a reflection of some unresolved issue in me.

After seeing a client this morning where I was reminded of many of these things I went to watch an open air performance as part of the International Dance Festival 2012. An innovative piece called ‘Home’.(See separate blog)  The cast was a mix of professional and inexperienced dancers and was incredibly moving at times.

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