Lesson 123 – Thanks for the gifts

‘I thank my Father for His gifts to me.’

Today let me be thankful. We have come to gentler pathways and to smoother roads. There is no thought of turning back and no implacable resistance to the truth. A bit of wavering remains, some small objections and a little hesitance, but you can well be grateful for your gains, which are far greater than you realise.

A day devoted now to gratitude will add the benefit of some insight into the real extent of all the gains which you have made; the gifts you have received. Today in gratitude we lift our hearts above despair, and raise our thankful eyes, no longer looking downward to the dust. Today we smile on everyone we see, and walk with lightened footsteps as we go to do what is appointed us to do.

Remember hourly to think of Him, and give him thank for everything.

When I was in the middle of trying to reclaim my hacked email account I had to bear this and yesterday’s lesson of forgiveness in mind. Before I made any attempt to sort out the computer I sat for fifteen minutes and thought of all the things I had to be grateful for. Even after fifteen minutes I still had not exhausted my long list of blessings. It was in this frame of mind I approached the hacking, and managed to see it as one small drop of inconvenience in a sea of good.

Hotmail were very good and took me through a process to regain my account without anyone else piggy-backing on it and using it to send out SPAM. I’m so sorry if you were caught up in that whole episode, and if you did I hope you found my email about how to rectify it helpful.

Throughout the day I focused on gratitude, beginning with making it to Fit Bootcamp and back in one piece. It was gruelling work in an old converted warehouse under the stone arches somewhere round the back ofSt Paul’s Square. Not the most salubrious of places but Maria (who was also one of the Zumba instructors at theEthiopia charity do a couple of weeks ago) really put us through our paces.

There’s something about working up a sweat at the start of the day that sets you up for taking on anything for the rest of the day.

Only thing resisting change is my writer’s block.

Pic is of the Zumba night. Maria is the one in yellow.

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