Lessoon 118 – Review 28

‘God’s peace and joy are mine.’

Today I will accept God’s peace and joy, in glad exchange for all the substitutes that I have made for happiness.

‘Let me be still and listen to the truth.’

Let my own feeble voice be still, and let me hear the mighty Voice for Truth Itself assure me that I am God’s perfect Son.

On the hour: God’s peace and joy and mine
On the half hour: Let me be still and listen to the truth

The search for truth over the last couple of days is paying dividends. I met with another very good (and honest) friend today who helped me to pull back the curtains on some of my most destructive behaviours. One of them is my reluctance to reveal my true power for fear of being rejected, especially when I meet new people. Another is my obsession with perfection in some areas of my life. I was reminded how sneaky the ego is and how it can use the tiniest of fear to grow insecurities and inhibit one’s joy.

I was awake at4.29 a.m.reflecting on all the things that are not going as well as I’d like them to. Rather than spiral downwards I decided to use the time constructively and catch up on my missed hours by going to bed earlier tonight. It’s amazing how many emails can be sent, how much research can be done, how much shopping can be purchased from the web in the hours between 4.30 and 7.30 a.m. – and I finally got round to writing the review of the Narrating the Caribbean Nation conference. That’s freed up a little bit of brain space.

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