Lesson 104 – My belongings

‘I seek but what belongs to me in truth.’

Today’s idea continues with the thought that joy and peace are not but idle dreams. They are your right, because of what you are. They come to you from God, who cannot fail to give you what he will. Yet must there be a place made ready to receive His gifts. They are not welcomed gladly by a mind that has instead received the gifts it made where His belongs, as substitutes for them.

Today we would remove all meaningless and self-made gifts which we have placed upon the gifts that we inherited before time was, and that will still be ours when time has passed into eternity. His are the gifts that are within us now, for they are timeless. And we need not wait to have them. They belong to us today.

Our longer practice periods today, the hourly five minutes given truth for your salvation, should begin with this:

I seek but what belongs to me in truth,

And joy and peace are my inheritance.

Then lay aside the conflicts of the world that offer other gifts and other goals made of illusions, witnessed to by them, and sought for only in a world of dreams.

It’s been a long day, made even longer by the many hours sat in seminars at the Narrating the Caribbean Nation conference atLeedsMetropolitanUniversity. (More on that in a separate blog.)

I have to confess today that there were times when I thought the language of ACIM easy and fluid compared to some of the language used in the presentations. The day was a vivid reminder of why I got out of academia. Some of the presenters seemed to forget that there are real people out there who do not want to have to deconstruct every sentence to glean even a modicum of meaning.

 I left Manchester early to try and avoid the traffic as the conference started at 9.30, and as a result didn’t have time to do my lesson before I left. I think it’s the first time I’ve done the lesson in the car, and it was a little rushed. I couldn’t even remember what the hourly practice words were, but as I knew it had to do with receiving happiness and joy I just repeated a form of previous lessons, ‘Happiness is my only function.’

I met someone today who also believes that life is not meant to be hard, that when we follow our life purpose (happiness) the resulting freedom makes for a much easier and more smoothly flowing life. We talked about the innate gifts we have and how when we make a decision to uncover them, dust them off and use them, how much the world benefits, and how much our souls sing. She’s a film promoter and has just written her first book ‘The Black British Filmmaker’s Guide to Success: Finance, Market and Distribute Your Film.’ Nadia Denton, it was a pleasure sharing time with you today.

I’ve given the bigCaribbeanbuffet extravaganza going on tonight a miss in favour of a good night sleep and a couple of pieces of fruit (still wedged from lunch).

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