Lesson 95 – Me and you are one

‘I am one Self, united with my Creator.’

Today’s idea accurately describes you as God created you. You are one within yourself, and one with Him. You see yourself as a ridiculous parody of God’s creation, weak, vicious, ugly and sinful, miserable and beset with pain. Such is your vision of yourself, a self divided into many warring parts, separate from God, and tenuously held together by its erratic and capricious maker, to which you pray. It does not see the oneness in you, for it is blind. It does not understand you are the Son of God, for it is senseless and understands nothing.

We will attempt today to be aware only of what can hear and see, and what makes perfect sense.

Using the first five minutes of every waking hour for practicing the idea for the day has special advantages at the stage of learning in which you are present. It is difficult at this point not to allow your mind to wander, if it undertakes extended practice. You have surely realised this by now.

Frequent but shorter practice periods have other advantages for you at this time. In addition to recognising your difficulties with sustained attention, you must alsos have noticed that, unless you are reminded of your purpose frequently, you tend to forget about it for long periods of time. Structure is necessary at this time, planned to include frequent reminders of your goal and regular attempts to reach it. We will, therefore, keep the five-minutes-an-hour practice for a while.

Begin today’s practice period with this assurance:

I am one Self, united with my Creator, at one with every aspect of creation, and limitless in power and peace.

Then close your eyes and tell yourself again, attempting to allow the meaning of the words to sink into your mind, replacing false ideas:

I am one Self

To everyone you meet today, be sure to give the promise of today’s idea and tell his this:

You are one Self with me, united with our Creator in this Self. I honour you because of What I am, and What He is, Who lives in both as One.

This is the longest lesson so far, and it felt like someone had been reading all my confessions that I haven’t been remembering to say the ideas as prescribed. No I don’t remember every hour on the hour to tell myself that I am as God created me, or that I am one with my creator. Today I even promised myself to set my phone to alarm every hour, and forgot. Even though I practices many times throughout the day, it was not every hour on the hour.

This concept that I am the same as you took a bit of getting used to, and even though I’ve accepted it, I sometimes still have difficulty practicing it in the moment. Two occasions happened today which required me to draw heavily on the lesson. One was a friend’s fantastic news which left me feeling very envious, I wasn’t able to engage totally in his joy till I could see his achievements as my own. The other was at the gym when a woman left the equipment without wiping it down. Instead of focusing on the hygiene aspects of the issue I found myself thinking about how slovenly she looked. When I remembered she is me, I was able to look past her appearance to the pain and distress which resulted in her physical presentation.

It is so easy to see ourselves as separate, so easy to judge others as not good enough or better than ourselves, without recognising that each is simply a part of who we are. I couldn’t remember the long version of the idea but just kept repeating ‘you and I are one.’

Ceroc last night reminded me so much of Oistins in Barbados. I dug out this pic.

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