Lesson 84 – Review 14

‘Love created me like itself.’

 I am in the likeness of  my Creator. I cannot suffer, I cannot experience loss and I cannot die. I am not a body. I would recognise my reality today. I will worship no idols, nor raise my own self-concept to replace my Self. I am in the likeness of my creator. Love created me like itself. You might find these specific forms helpful in applying the idea.

 Let me not see an illusion of myself in this. As I look on this, let me remember my Creator. My Creator did not create this as I see it.

 ‘Love holds no grievances.’

 Grievances are completely alien to love. Grievances attack love and keep its light obscure. If I hold grievances I am attacking love, and therefore attacking my Self. My Self thus becomes alien to me. I am determined not to attack my Self today, so that I can remember Who I am.

Specific forms for applying today’s idea include:

 This is no justification for denying my Self.

I will not use this to attack love.

Let this not tempt me to attack myself.

 Four and a half hours sleep isn’t enough after a 19 hour day, certainly not enough to record 30 pages of a book. The partying and the lack of sleep took its toll on my voice. Just as well I’m still on the wagon, imagine if alcohol had been poured into the mix! We managed two and half pages – but it was quality – better quality than quantity.

 It was great fun doing the voice over for a cartoon my son is working on. He’s a really good director, even gave me the a microphone box to use as a makeshift gun when I had to shout ‘get back, get back or I’ll shoot,’ because, apparently it would affect the way I held my diaphragm and the quality and believability of the sound.

 Dinner was lovely, and would have been even more scrumptious if my brother hadn’t forgotten I don’t eat pork. No hard feeling bro.

 Pic is from evening performance at the Black Writer’s Conference.

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