Lesson 82 – Review 12

‘The light of world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.’

My forgiveness is the means by which the light of the world finds expression through me. My forgiveness is the means by which I become aware of the light of the world in me. My forgiveness is the means by which the world is healed, together with myself. Let me, then, forgive the world, that it may be healed along with me.
Suggestions for specific formes for applying this idea are:

Let peace extend from my mind to yours, (name)
I share the light of the world with you, (name)

‘Let me not forget my function.’

I would not forget my function, because I would remember my Self. I cannot fulfill my function if I forget it. And unless I fulfill my function, I will not experience the joy that God intends for me.
Suitable specific forms of this idea include:

I would use this as an opportunity to fulfill my function.
This may threaten my ego, but cannot change my function in any way.

I think its great that there are only two lessons to be reviewed each day. I’m finding it much easier that the five per day at the first review section. No surprises to find the ‘F’ word still prominent, but having had such a relaxing couple of days I had no major forgiveness challenges today. I did, however, have plenty of opportunities to be of service. One was helping a friend, through reading Dan Millman’s book ‘The Life You Were Born to Live’ to understand herself much better, and to gain some insight into those closest to her.

There really is nothing more rewarding that to serve another soul. YES! I’ve said it. SERVICE IS THE MOST REWARDING THING THERE IS!! Even more rewarding than writing, unless the writing is a form of service.

On the way back from my spa break I dropped into Russels Supermarket on the Lozells Road in Birmingham, and was struck by its truly authentic Jamaican feel. I wasn’t the only one that felt it. My friend and I both stopped at the door with the same thought. Even the air smelt of Jamaica – I wonder if they have some special Jamaican air spray that creates the smell. A much nicer one than the cigarette smelling one they used at the Hilton. Lovely hotel, but they could do with using a different air freshener.

The drive to Manchester for the writers conference tomorrow was a long and often stop-start one. Even though we left Birmingham at 2.45 p.m. the motorway (M6) was already rammed. It took two and three-quarter hours for a journey that would usually be about 90 minutes.

I wish I could have taken a picture of the masses of daffodils in the central reservations along Princess Road as we drove. Spring is truly here. I saw my first flowering magnolia tree today. Alas I was driving and couldn’t take a picture to share with you.

The picture is of the front of the hotel as we left.

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