Lesson 78 – replacement therapy

‘Let miracles replace all grievances.’

Perhaps it is not yet clear to you that each decision that you make is one between a grievance and a miracle. Today we will attempt to see God’s son. We will select one person you have used as target for your grievances, and lay the grievances aside and look at him. Someone, perhaps, you fear or even hate; someone you think you love who angered you; someone you call a friend, but whom you see as difficult at times or hard to please, demanding, irritating or untrue to the ideal he should accept as his, according to the role you set for him.

You know the one to choose, his name has crossed your mind already. Through seeing him behind the grievances that you have held against him, you will learn that what lay hidden while you saw him not is there in everyone and can be seen. Let him be saviour unto you today. Such is his role in God your Father’s plan.

Our longer practice periods will see him in this role and repeat;

‘Let miracles replace all grievances.

Remind yourself of this whenever you think of this person, or anyone else whom you hold grievances against.

I was feeling pretty smug while reading this lesson till I realised that I had, indeed, brought someone to mind oh so easily that fitted the descriptions in paragraph two above. I groaned. How many ways can grievances be presented and how much more of it can I find? Letting go of grievances seems to be my camel through the eye of a needle task. BUT it can’t be just me, otherwise they wouldn’t have repeated this concept so often.

Yes, this irritating person is my greatest teacher, teaching me that I’m still riddled with grievances and consequently blocking my own miracles. I tried especially hard today to let go of grievances to replace them with miracle thoughts.

Novel update: Life post novel release to readers is slowly coming back to normal. For the first time in weeks I wasn’t trying to sort a plot line or rushing back to the laptop before a conversation between the characters left my head. It feels like they’ve gone on holiday and I have my room back to myself. WEIRD!

I’m just loving the whole spring blossoming thing. Everyday a new bud opens up and catches my eye.

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