Lesson 68 – No grudges

‘Love holds no grievances.’

You who were created by love like itself can hold no grievances and know your Self.

Begin today’s extended practice period by searching your mind for those against those against whom you hold what you regard as major grievances. Some of these will be quite easy to find. Then think of the seemingly minor grievances you hold against those you like and even think you love.

Say to all of them individually, ‘I would see you as my friend’ In addition repeat the idea several times an hour ‘Love holds no grievance. I would wake to my Self by laying all my grievances aside and wakening in Him.’

Did as much as I could today on this lesson but wiped out by the push to finish the novel last night, and despite the fact that I could have slept till any time I wanted today, woke up at 7 am after only four hours sleep. Took the opportunity to walk in the park, take pictures of the brave flowers, and discuss chemtrails with my son.

Decided to leave the novel for today. Will get into serious editing tomorrow.

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Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed www.pennydixon.com poetry anthology Raw www.cymbalspublishing.co.uk and blogger www.writingcreativelywithspirit.com
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