Lesson 66 – Happiness = My function

‘My happiness and my function are one.’

You have surely noticed an emphasis throughout our recent lessons on the connection between fulfilling your function and achieving happiness. This is because you do not really see the connection. Yet there is more than just a connection between them; they are the same. Their forms are different, but their content is completely one.

Begin the ten-to-fifteen-minute practice period by reviewing these thoughts.
God gives me only happiness
He has given my function to me
Therefore my function must be happiness
Try to see the logic in this sequence, even if you do not yet accept the conclusion

In the shorter practice period, which should be every half an hour, repeat the following.
My happiness and function are one, because God has given me both.

I managed the morning one and some of the shorter ones today, but certainly came nowhere near every half and hour. I believe my function is service. I’ve been responsive to the opportunities for service that presented themselves today, even though I was extremely tired for most of the day, the result of writing till 2 am. I found patience when it was needed. Usually I am at my most irritable when tired, but I just kept telling myself that my happiness depended on fulfilling my function.

Even the news that my son was being deported from Bermuda didn’t fill me with anxiety. I’ve totally accepted that whatever his function is, it requires this, because nothing is included that is contradictory or irrelevant. I think he’s beginning to see it too.

Novel update: It now feels like an overdue baby. Friday’s finishing line is looking decided dodgy as I haven’t written anything today, steeped as I was in IT training.

Picture was taken in Mogan, Gran Canaria, last year. Needed something to cheer me up after the grey and wet of most of today.

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