Lesson 65 – God’s function

‘My only function is the one God gave me.’

The idea for today reaffirms your commitment to salvation. This is the only way you can take your place among the saviours of the world.

Today, and for a number of days to follow set aside ten to fifteen minutes for a more sustained practice period, in which you try to understand and accept what the idea for the day really means. Try, if possible, to undertake the daily extended practice periods at approximately the same time each day. Try, also to determine this time in advance, and then adhere to it as closely as possible. The purpose of this is to arrange your day so that you have set apart time for God, as well as for all the trivial purposes and goals you will pursue.

Long practice period – Close your eyes, repeat the idea to yourself and watch your mind carefully to catch whatever thoughts cross it. Note each one with as little concern as possible, dismissing each on by telling yourself
This thought reflects a goal that is preventing me from accepting my  only function.
After a while interfering thoughts will become harder to find. Then tell yourself:
On this clean slate let my true function be written for me.
Shorter practice periods – 1-2 minutes every hour, say
My true function is the one God gave to me. I want no other and I have no other.

Today’s lesson was one of those that a) took a long time to read and b) took a long time to do. I understand the process of clearing one’s mind to allow new thoughts to come in, thoughts that come from the connection with divine source. First time round this lesson must have made some impact because I do already set time aside for God. I meditate for at least an hour most days, and I frequently remind myself that God is my purpose, it’s in my daily prayer ‘make me who you would have me be that I might do as you would have me do’ and in my frequent requests throughout the day to ‘make me an instrument of your peace’.

I always feel a little uneasy when a lesson makes reference to the goals we’ve created for ourselves. My concern is that I have goals that I’m pursuing. I sincerely hope that they are consistent with the purpose God has for me.

Novel update – Several interruptions today meant I didn’t reach my target of completing the first telling by tonight. That and the fact that a whole new chapter decided to insert itself between what I thought was my penultimate chapter and the last one. In fact I think there may need to be another two chapters to bring it to its conclusion. There will most definitely be in excess of 90,000 words, as I am already on 81,000 with two chapters to go. I’m very excited now, the end  has finally shaped up the way I wanted it to. It’s in my head, just need to get it down on paper. Still aiming to have the first draft done by the end of the week.

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