Lesson 51 – Review 1

Beginning with today we will have a series of review periods. Each will cover five of the ideas already presented, starting with the first and ending with the fiftieth. Devote two minutes or more to each practice period, thinking about the related comments. Do this as often as possible during the day. Try to do the exercises whereever you are, even if it’s not quiet. The purpose of your learning is to enable you to bring the quiet with you, and to heal distress and turmoil. This is not done by avoiding them and seeking a haven of isolation for yourself.

Today’s review covers the following ideas
1. Nothing I see means anything
2. I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me
3. I do not understand anything I see
4. These thoughts do not mean anything
5. I am never upset for the reason I think
Hard to believe that 50 days have gone by already, and that these ideas were so challenging at the beginning. I’ve not really been practicing these today, other than beginning and end of day. What’s been with me constantly is an idea from lesson 42
‘Nothing is lacking that is needed, and nothing is included that is contradictory or irrelevant.’ It is my contant reminder that life is exactly as it should be for what I need to learn.
I haven’t written much today, mainly because I didn’t go to bed till 4 am today, was writing till after 3 and then needed to wind down a bit. Wrote nearly 6000 words and took the wordcount to just under 60000. It’s looking very possible that the other 30000 could be written by the end of the month – but would need another few long nights.
Forgot to add my friend’s link to her book last night
http://www.amazon.co./dp/B007B2EBA0 ‘Daddy’s Girl’ by Lucie Riley
More pics for grey days. (Enterprise Beach – Barbados)

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