Lesson 39 – Giving what you’ve got

‘My holiness is my salvation’
If guilt is hell, what is its opposite?
We have already said that your holiness is the salvation of the world. What about your own salvation? You cannot give what you do not have. A saviour must be saved, how else can he teach salvation. Today’s exercises will apply to you, recognising that your salvation is crucial to the salvation of the world. As you apply the exercises to your world, the whole world stands to benefit.
Another four periods of 5 minutes today. Begin by repeating today’s idea to yourself with your eyes closed. Then search your mind for unloving thoughts in whatever form they appear, uneasiness, depression, anger, fear, worry, attack, insecurity and so on. Apply the idea for today to each unloving thought you find.
‘My unloving thoughts about….are keeping me in hell. My holiness is my salvation.’
At the end repeat the idea in its original form.
‘If guilt is hell, what is its opposite.’
This is the lesson that first introduced me to the idea that you cannot give what you haven’t got. As a result of understanding this, I stopped telling people I loved them until I could feel that love for myself. It’s also the lesson that first brought home to me that all I ever need do is work on myself, because as I heal, the world heals too.
I spent most of today working on my websites. Each week it becomes a little less stressful. That could either be because I’m becoming more familiar with what I’m doing, or I’m thinking fewer unloving thoughts about myself, like how useless I am at technology.
During the practice periods I could not find many attack thoughts about myself or others. Could this be the beginnings of the return of the peace I felt on the first completion of the course? Maybe its a bit like muscle memory, when its done it once, it knows how to do it quicker next time.
I’ve been in full creative (writing) flow today. Can’t move my fingers quickly enough on the keyboard. The story has taken a surprising turn.

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