Lesson 19 – Still connected

‘I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts’

Today we again emphasize the fact that minds are joined. This is rarely a wholly welcome idea at first, since it seems to carry with it an enormous sense of responsibility, and may even be regarded as an ‘invasion of privacy’ Yet it is a fact that there are no private thoughts.

Today I closed my eyes and searched my thoughts and repeated,
‘I am not alone in experiencing the effects of this thought about……TV, news, friends, trainers, designer specs, spinning classes, writing….and many more.
For some of them it was reassuring to know that I was not on my own, for others I’d hate to think someone was sharing exactly the same experience…yet I’ve read the Intention Experiment by Lynn Tagget (author also of The Field) and know that thought transcend time and space. That’s why prayer works. So it stands to reason that someone, somewhere, was experiencing the effects of my thoughts.

I spoke to a friend this evening who said ‘I was just thinking about you.’ How many times has that happened to you?

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