Lesson 16 – You are what you think

‘I have no neutral thoughts’

The idea for today is a beginning step in dispelling the belief that your thoughts have no effects. Everything you see is a result of your thoughts. There is no exceptions to this fact. Thoughts are not big or little; powerful or weak.They are merely true or false.

As I drove down the M42 this morning in the bright sunshine which was bringing little heat to the frosted grass,and glistening icy roads, I longed for the Beach in Barbados, and wondered what thought brought me here instead of there. The truth is that I’m here and must find pleasure in the winter or wish my life away.

I spent most of the day creating a new website for Writers Without Borders on WordPress. I say I, but it was mostly Andrew with me assisting with content. A virtual world that we created from out thoughts? What makes that one different to the one I face every day? The exercise for the day was –

‘This thought about….is not a neutral thought.’

I found it hard to stay positive today, a result of scrutinising every thought and knowing that I was creating whatever I was unhappy with. Still, I’m very happy with the results of the new site.

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