Book 2

The year is whizzing by. January 10th already. The dearth of blogging is because I’ve started writing my second novel. Using a different approach. Have done all the characters and plot before beginning to write. It will still be organic, but more of a ‘structured’ organic. I want to see if this speeds up the process, as I also have a book on parenting to write this year.

My detox is going well, and it may not be entirely mind over matter but I have way more energy and ideas. I’m going to the gym 3-4 times a week and started with a personal trainer on Saturday. Did yoga tonight cause I couldn’t get to my Tai Chi class and really enjoyed it, may stick with it for a while to increase my flexibility and help build my strength.

My word for this year is DISCIPLINE – its the only way I’m going to achieve my long list of goals this year, and much as I’ve been resisting it, routine will be essential. Two books this year? Can I do it? YES I CAN!

On another note. I had a query about Butlers in the Buff this week. I met them when I did the Trinny and Suzanna show back in 2008. Nice aprons.

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