TV Interview

Went to Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) for a radio interview which turned out to be a TV interview. It was a great experience. The interviewer, Sandy Deane, very effectively put me at ease, assured me I need not worry about my clothes, and conducted an easy going interview with wide ranging questions. I then read a couple of extracts from the novel, which she said would have the team vieing to be the first to read the book. The edited piece will be broadcast across the Carribbean and parts of North America next week.

I finished early enough to have a wander around Bridgetown, take some pictures and film of the marina area and marvel at the beauty of the shimmering mirror created by the sun on the water. It was great to hang out with a friend for a hour.

I rode the Sam Lord’s Castle rammed bus back from the bus station to Oistins. I could have continued another couple of stops to Thornbury Hill, but needed air and space to stretch out.

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