New Sites, New Books

I now have a new website. Well two actually. You can still find me on and I also have a publishing website where you can purchase my first ever poetry books (more accurate to describe them as booklets really). RAW (vols 1&2) are only £3.50 each and are full of all the stuff you’ve heard me perform – and some that’s never seen the light of day before – mainly because they’re not performance pieces. I’ve had some great feedback and some very surprised people have rung me to say ‘I never knew your life was like that.’ Of course not all the poems are my experiences – some are observed, but they’ve all left there mark on my soul.

I’m working on two CDs to go with the books. Really excited by the way they’re shaping up -some nice tunes to accompany some of the poems. Keep checking the site to see when they become available. You will love them. Trust me.

This is my year for writing. First draft of novel nearly complete. Need to have that done by end of this month. May need to be a bit anti-social to make that happen. Me, my laptop, a lot of Tindersticks and some Theta music to stimulate the creative juices.

About predencia

Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed poetry anthology Raw and blogger
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