Beautiful Barbados

Amazing what 12 days in one of the most beautiful places on God’s earth can do lift one’s spirits. Flight re-booked for the 28th and I was happy to accept the extra six days because they couldn’t fit me into a flight 14 days later. As they say….it’s an ill wind….

I’ve just come back form a Mother’s day lunch at Weisers Cafe Restaurant on Brandon Beach. Lucky me to have 2 mother’s day in the same year. The buffet meal bagan with a virgin pina colada (just as well it was virgin as there was probably enough rum swilling about inside me from last night to make it a real one) and ended with a bread and butter pudding with guess what? Yes, rum sauce. The bit in between included breadfruit and redherring salad, rice, lamb, fish and a ‘carribean jeark chicken’ Now I’m not wishing to be nationalistic here but Jerk Chicken is is a Jamaican dish and sorry Weisers but it does not have a sauce of glazed mango. Don’t get me wrong it was lovely, but putting some jerk seasoning on it does not make it ‘jerk’

Anyway, that aside, the atmosphere was festive but relaxed. The baloons and ribbons made us mothers feel special, as did the waiting staff. And the view of the beach and turquoise water in the distance…well…a bit different to Cafe Rouge in Brindley Place. It would have been perfect if we could have stayed to watch the volley ball game. Those fine young men doing wonderful things with their balls.

It took me a few days to settle into the holiday mood, to leave the concerns of everyday life behind. Last night we went to Plantation night club in Christchurch for their ‘Golden Oldies’ night and I resolved to learn ballroom dancing when I get back. I was envious of the way some of these older folk glided gracefully across the floor. Made some of us younger ones look like clumsy oafs. I say some.. because some of the younger ones have obviously been practicing and also looked graceful. It was such a pleasure to be asked ‘young lady may I have this dance’. Despite my protestations that I was inexperienced I was assured that if I just followed his lead I would be fine. And I was was. It wasn’t all waltzes and foxtrots though. We got a chance to get down to some classic reggae lovers rock and wine to some soca. Could have rung my clothes out. Not since my wedding did I get to bed after 4 a.m. from a night out.

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