Change of Heart

Never thought the answer to the lost court case would come so soon. In fact it came the next day and I’ve spent the weekend assimilating it and making sure I understand it properly.

First let me say that on reflection I think the judge made the right decision with the information he was faced with. The injustice was not his. Second let me also say that I think the drainage man was entitled to far more than I had originallhy thought. When the judge went through everygthing point by point I could see that. It had never been my intention to not pay him for what he was due-I just couldn’t see how he could have been due that much. I still don’t think he’s due quite as much as he got but I hold no grudges and will attempt to ensure he gets his money as soon as possible (he’s waited long enough).

So what was the purpose? One of the main one that I can see is to bring me and Andrew closer. It’s the first real adversity we’ve had to overcome and it has made us much stronger. Another is to help me to practice forgiveness. Now this has been challenging (particulary as I know that the drainage man lied in court), but I have been astounded at the help I’ve receive with this. Marrianne Williamson’s ‘Age of Miracles’ showed me the way – that and ‘A Course in Miracles’. So I can now with all sincerity send the drainage man the following heart felt message.

I release you and pray that you walk with angels
I release you and hope you dreams come true
I release you and wish you happiness
If I’ve caused you any pain on the way – please accept my apologies. God bless you.

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