Ever felt like your life is spiralling out of control? Things have been so hectic sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going. It really does feel like a blur. I stayed in bed till midday today, got up and went out for a birthday lunch with Andrew’s dad. Not great health wise that my first drink of the day is a glass of medium sweet German white. If they thought I wasn’t my normal perky self they didn’t say. They did however offer to look after things for us for a while if we wanted to take a holiday.

What’s keeping me so occupied? Dealing with property and tennants. I wish I could say it was my writing or my bellydance but alas they are getting pushed to the margins. Still doing both but not spending nearly as much time on them as I’d like. I took part in a reading at the United Reform Church in Sutton Coldfield on Rememberance Day. The emphasis was on uplifting poems so took along my favourite one of Maya Angelou ‘Still I Rise’ and was suitably uplifted by it and all the others read. I declined the performance at ‘The Public’ on the 13th. I just did not have the energy and we had tickets for The Kegworth Players performance of Sue Townsend’s ‘Groping for Words’ the following night. It was good for an amdram production. The village hall was packed out cafe style. The wine flowed as easily as the laughter and a good time was had by all. Would you credit it that I found myself agreeing to go along to their next meeting on the first Tuesday of next month?

It just feel like I’m lurching from one thing to the other with not much time to savour any of them. Hopefully this will change when all the houses are done.

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