Taking a break

Who would have thought life would beocme so hectic again. The hen night reunion was fabulous. It was like having a DVD night – but we were starring in the film. Unfortunately the bridesmaid couldn’t make it as she was ill. Shame as she was heavily featured. It was good to use our cards, books and numerology to track our progress in life and find out so much more about ourselves. Thanks for the Osho Zen cards A. Love the way they invite you to think.

Used my SATNAV for the first time on Sunday as Andrew refused to drive to the christening (after dropping some of my friends back to Brum on Sat night) Not as bad as I thought – used it again today to get to Oldbury for tiles. Lovely christening although we just about made it to the church in time. Eats at Kenilworth Cricket Ground. Beautiful sunny and warm day – seems we are getting July’s weather now. It’s been a long time since I felt the need to have a kip in the afternoon but he settee saw a lot of me on Sunday afternoon/night.

Went to court on Tuesday – judge a bit miffed that stuff from my blog was being used – could not see the relevance and said he had no wish to wade through pages of irrelevance. Neither of us filled in the statements properly so he wasn’t best pleased. A new hearing will be set in November – which will allow me sufficient time to respond to the plaintiff’s statement (unlike last time). Think I’ll use a lawyer for the next hearing. Plus for the day was a lovely meal at in the Jewellery Quarter and a large glass of Servignon Blanc while we waited for the traffic out of town to die down.

Andrew putting in some manic hours and I’ve just realised today that I’ve either been trying to match him or feeling guilty that I’m not. We’re both taking a break tomorrow – going to Champney Springs for a relaxing spa day (wedding present); massage plus two other treatments; lunch and our phones turned off. Really looking forward to it.

Working on bellydance routine – lots of hand moves – it’s all in the wrists.

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