Starting the countdown

Realised on Saturday its exactly 5 weeks to the wedding. Didn’t go to the Belair on Friday night so I’m still not sure what its like.I’ll just have to find out on the night like everyone else. We decided against it as we were both knackered at the end of the week. Went out for a meal in Solihull instead and ended up in bed at 11 pm. instead of 2 or 3 a.m. which would have been the case if we’d gone clubbing. (is it just age?)

Spent a chunk of Saturday getting he lads kitted out. I’m sure there must be a poem about older women taking the inside leg measurement of young men but I’m too tired to think of it just now. Sure it will come to me. The performance world seem like a couple thousand miles away at he moment. I’m not taking part in the ‘Hello Jerusalem’ event at the Drum on Friday 10th July. Inspiration seem to have dried up or maybe its just been covered over by wedding plans and property matters.

It’s great though that I was able to complete the table plan last night as our guests have been brilliant at replying to our invite. Still chasing a few evening invitations so if you haven’t returned your card yet PLEASE DO by Wednesday. TA!

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