Another bank holiday

Last blog written last bank holiday. I hope I’ll have time to write more often but it feels a bit hectic just now. I’ve been geting out a bit more to gigs and things but not finding time to write or to perform. The property thing seems to be taking over. I joined Simon Zutchi’s property master mind course which is an intense 12 months of focus on property to build a portfolio quickly. I’m loving it – and joy of joys there’s room for fun and glamour as well as brickdust and paint. There’s a black tie dinner on Friday after the workshop – a chance to dress up in a long frock. A bit different to the Glee Club on Saturday night. A night out with the tennants and a few other friends – what a laugh and the disco afterwards was fun too. Alas I haven’t seen much poetry and even had to cancel my Writers Without Borders meeting on Saturday to go a view a property. I’m hoping to get to Poetry Bites this month and Pure and Good and Right in Leamington on the 31st. Oh – and the wedding plans are going well – just need a performer for the evening for about 45 minutes – know anyone?b

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Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed poetry anthology Raw and blogger
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