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Yesterday I received a court claim from the drainage company who provided such a poor service. He is demanding £4319.29 in addition to the £1,480 I’ve already paid him. What is really interesting is that he is citing an entry made in this blog on December 12 ‘plaintiff is adamant they will not pay as stated on internet blog’. I’m flattered that he reads about the progress of the development on my blog. Strangely he makes no mention of the threats he’d made to me which I wrote about in the same entry. I guess it’s the best way to resolve things as I could not trust his word any more and would no longer communicate with him lest he became abusive and threatening again.

On another, brighter note. I went to Retort Caberet at the Kitchen Garden Cafe on Sunday and had a spendid evening. God it was so good to be out at a live event. It was a fantastic line up from the amazing compare Rachel Pentagenet, to the Russian magician (whose act Andrew and I took part in), the comedian and all the musicians. It was a shame so many people went home before the headline act who had come all the way from Staylybridge and sounded like a Denver country singer. Andrew bought the CD (forgotten name of singer) even though he was so poor at promoting it, in fact all three acts almost made apologies for the fact that they had CDs for sale – why bother making them if they don’t want people to buy them. Come on guys – be a bit more proactive in promoting your music; make us want them CDs.

Anyway, hoping to get to the Drum next Sunday to see Sureshot billed as ‘a master of cerebral verse and story teller’ Can’t wait.

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