Back to normal?

Had to find the energy from somewhere today to get the papers and the house ready for viewing (a post grad law student and an Itialian teacher) She’s very interested, he’s a bit more hesitant. She came on her own, he brought a friend (maybe because of the language thing) Was expecting someone else but he didn’t show. I have very mixed feelings about sharing my home. While all the building work was going on I had adjusted to thinking about it as a building site, a project. And as I dressed it for viewing i still thought of it as an HMO, but it looked cold and impersonal. Someone said the lounge felt like a hostel. So I personalised it and now it feels like my home again, comfortable, warm, cosy; full of memories, full of love. As I cleansed it with frankinscence and blessed it this morning I realize that it’s not just about whether a tennant can afford the rent – it’s very much about whether our spirits are in tune with each other. We’ve (Andrew and I) given ourselves till the end of the week to iron out the glitches, then I think Andrew will have a couple of weeks off, and we start looking for the next one (or so he tells me). It will probably take months before we are back to normal – yeah I hear someof you say – ‘you were never normal’

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