An unexpected day off

Its Sunday and I’ve had an unexpected day off – unexpected because the builder who was supposed to be fitting out the ensuite bathrooms is having a weekend in Devon – not told to us till Thursday afternoon and then only at the end of a very long story about his wife booking it and him forgetting. I was pretty damned pissed of especially as we had been busting a gut to try and get things ready for him. My partner had even agreed to go and pick up a couple of shower parts from Bridgnorth so they would be available. He could have saved himself the time (getting up a 6.30 a.m.) and money in petrol. They would have posted them if we knew they weren’t going to be used till next week. He (the builder) said he understood that it’s no fun livng in a building site but that things will proress very quickly once he gets the fire doors. He’ll have the ‘chippy’ working all week to fit them and the bathrooms and tiling shouldn’t take too long. He tried to reassure me that the kitchen shouldn’t take more than 4 days (why did he quote 5 then?) He also tried to reassure me that the work will be completed on time. I reminded him that the end of November was for everything – including decorating – so his bit need to be done prior to this. It’s at times like this when I just have to turn things over to my spiritual guides and trust that things will be done in divine timing (otherwise I’d go spare – and it wouldn’t change anything). Does anyone know a builder that talks straight, gives a price and sticks to it, arrives when he says he will, completes the work on time and leaves your house clean and tidy? Does anyone know a female builder – that might be the answer.

Anyway with our unexpected day off we went for a two hour walk along the canal and river near Kegworth. It was beautifully sunny and although I wasn’t quite blinded by the sun on the water it was certailly dazzling. Loads of boats were out taking advantage of the weather and although it was a bit blowly it was relatively warm. If only I could get over my fear of cows I could see their gathering by the styles as an innocent act and not one designed to terrorise me. I just don’t see anything harmless in the way the stare at you as you try to get by. I’m convinced that there’s at least one in the pack that’s got it in for me and has persuaded the others to join in. It was a good thing Andrew was with me this morning or I may never have got past them.

The walk was followed by 2 hours in the wet area of the gym. Steam, sauna and jacuzzi. I love it at Reeds because they play music to soothe – not the manic stuff you get at L A Fitness. They understand that after a long week relaxation is what a body needs. So – next week we’ll continue with bending pipes, cutting channels in walls, chisseling off tiles, dismantling cupboards and joy of joys I get to take out a chimney breast in the kitchen ; new skill to learn there – cutting through bricks.

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