Tiling and tings

It was 2 o’clock before I made it out of bed today. That cold took a hold last night completely blocked my head. Now those of you who know anything about Louise Hay’s philosophy will know that colds are about doing too much – having the head full of too many things. Yes – that could be me. I’m living slap bang in the middle of a building site, I’ve got a performance next Thursday with Writers Without Borders, and preparing for two in December; one at the Town Hall as part of Worlds Aid Day and the other with Amnesty International for the 60th anniversary of Human Rights Day. I’m still seeing coaching clients. It wasn’t until I did some self Reiki that I felt human enough to get up and face the day. Andrew (my partner) was very understanding. He’s nearly finished the painting in one of the bedrooms in preparation for the ensuite which hopefully will be fitted next week.

The builder is coming on Saturday to put in a couple of partition walls. He came round today to measure up so I’m hopeful the work will begin as agreed. The drains guys were 3 hours late as they were stuck on another job. The negotiation skills I learned in Egypt came in useful tonight. ‘What’s your best price?’ I asked and negotiated a £850 discount. They can start next weekend.

I learned how to use a chisel and lump hammer to remove tiles today – and spent most of the afternoon and evening taking the tiles off the bathroom wall. I stopped about 9.30 p.m out of consideration for the neighbours. Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off but already it looks like we’ll have to go and buy the ensuite and bathroom equipment and, because Andrew is having Friday off, we’ll have to put out two settees and the dishwasher (which has very conveniently stopped working and after 17 years and not worth repairing) out for the council to collect on Saturday morning. We are both tired and its only Wednesday and we’ll be working with the guys at the weekend. It’s the 1st October today we only have 9 weeksif we are to get this in on time.

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