Busy, busy bee

Nearly a month since my last post. I read somewhere that when you’re busy living life you don’t have time to write about it. Maybe it’s just an excuse but I have been very busy lately (even busier than usual). Apart from the thing at the Cinnamon Cafe I did a couple of open mikes last month, Poetry Bites at the Kitchen Garden Cafe and Pure and Good and Right at the Fox in Leamington where I saw the award winning Tony Walsh who can make you laugh and cry in equal measures. He invited me to post some of my stuff on the http://www.writeout loud.net website. I will do – just not had time yet. Check it out if you have time there are some good people on it. It also has UK wide listings of poetry events.

At the moment I’ve got my head down in research on how to turn my house into an HMO. If you have any experience of this I’d love to hear from you. I knew how far I was in when I woke up this morning and realized that I’d forgotton my belly dance class last night. I NEVER DO THAT. Especially after the brilliant workshop I attended on Sunday run my Melissa Abrahams. After 3 and a half hours every muscle in my body ached – especially my abs and glutes.

Its my son’s birthday today, I’ve got to prepare for co-running a creative writing workshop with Writers Without Borders tomorrow (with the font of so much knowledge Sue Brown) and I can’t wait to see my friend Michelle who is here from Canada and coming to spend the weekend with me.

I’ll try and post things I’m in before I do them in future. Sorry Geoff for not letting you know what I was up to. Thanks for the text. A timely reminder.

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